(Available in 01 TS COM - TS_COM_DelegateIUnknown)


Root class for all TS-dynamic-allocated COM objects.


CLASS MyDelegateIClass INHERIT TS_DelegateIUnknown

Access methods

DateTimeAsDate - Get the 'DateTimeAsDate' property
FInit - Test if the enclosed interface is valid
AIThis - Get a static 'This' COM interface pointer.
AITypeInfo - Get a static 'ITypeInfo' COM interface pointer.
AITypeLib - Get a static 'ITypeLib' COM interface pointer.
AIDispatch - Get a static 'IDispatch' COM interface pointer.
AIUnknown - Get a static 'IUnknown' COM interface pointer.
IID - Get the IID of the enclosed interface.

Assign methods

DateTimeAsDate - Set the 'DateTimeAsDate' property


TSTraceInfo -
CMAddRef - Increment 'Ref-count' on the interface
Destroy - CALLBACK: It is adviced to use 'oObject:Axit()'
EventHandlerDel - Remove a installed event handler.
EventHandlerAdd - Install a installed event handler.
AGetInterface - Get a interface from the enclosed COM object
INIT - Create a 'TS_DelegateIUnknown' instance
NEW - CALLBACK: New ( OnInited event )
CMQueryInterface - Query the COM interface
CMRelease - Decrement 'Ref-count' on the interface


This class on its own does not provide many usefull methods. The main purpose is to provide a dynamic ( GC collectable ) wrapper for the COM IUnknown interface, the library uses this class as the parent class for TD_DelegateIDispatch.

Inherits from


Inherited by



See the 'TS_DelegateIDispatch' CLASS


CLASS TS_DelegateIUnknown INHERIT TS_Root2
   DECLARE METHOD CMQueryInterface
   DECLARE METHOD EventHandlerAdd
   DECLARE METHOD EventHandlerDel