(Available in 00 TS Tools(Base) - TS_Tools_Root0)


Root class for all TS-dynamic-allocated objects.



Access methods

IsInDestroy - Test if the object is being destroyed
IsAxitRegistered - Test if the object is destroyed
IsDestroyed - Test if the object is destroyed
IsInInit - Test if the 'Init()' method is active.
IsInited - Test if the init method has been executed.
IsInvalidated - Test if the object is 'InValidated'
IsValidObject - Test if the object is 'Valid'
NameSym - Get the name of the object
NeedNew - Test if calling the 'New()' method is needed
Owner - Get the object owner
Owneds - Get the owned objects

Assign methods

IsInDestroy - Set the 'IsIndestroy' flag
NeedNew - Flag that calling the 'New()' method has been done


TSTraceInfo -
RegisterAxit - Tell the GC to call the 'Axit' method
UnRegisterAxit - Tell the GC to not call the 'Axit' method
Axit - Destructor activation, Called by the GC
Destroy - CALLBACK: It is adviced to use 'oObject:Axit()'
CountInInit - Set/reset the 'IsInInit'-flag
INIT - Create a 'TS_Root0' instance
InvalidateObject - Invalidate the object
NEW - CALLBACK: New ( OnInited event )


This class provides lots of functionality not found in the VObject class as supplied with VO.

Note: This class is not derived from VObject due to the fact that the VObject class is placed in the 'GUI' library.

Note: The 'TS_Root0' class does not support a owner. Use the 'TS_Root1' class is a owner needs to be registered.

Note: The 'TS_Root0' class does not supports owned's, If you want to automaticly build an owner/owneds-tree then use the 'TS_Root2' class.

Inherited by



   TSTrace Data
   DECLARE ACCESS IsAxitRegistered
   DECLARE ACCESS IsInvalidated
   DECLARE METHOD InvalidateObject
   DECLARE METHOD RegisterAxit
   DECLARE METHOD UnRegisterAxit